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Art 4 Petes Sake


I began my creative career soon after studying Animation in the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland in 2011. I realised quickly i didn't want a life orientated around a computer so i decided to start painting.

Self taught i've found my work to be bold and colourful. Organic gestures and brush strokes keeps the conversation of a piece fresh. Poetry or words normally find their way into pieces engaging myself and the viewer on another level.

With works collected globally, the last decade has seen me exhibit in galleries and work in studios from Edinburgh, Scotland to Barcelona, Spain. 

Me and my dog Sonja now find ourselves living in a small village named Meruge in central Portugal.


I immediately fell in love with painting when I realised how instant the feedback was and how I could dramatically change my emotions and headspace with colour. It has the power to move me the same way a walk in nature or a good song can. I favour the flexibility of the acrylic medium for spontaneity. I never know what I will create when I start painting or where I’m heading in life for that matter, but painting has become a way of taking some of the unknown and manifesting it into something tangible.

I was told when i was young if you find something that makes you smile in life, hold onto it.

Painting makes me smile.x

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