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Living my life basically in the studio, I forget what i have and haven't shown you before. I was planning on doing this blog monthly but alas 5 or 6 months have slipped by, life has a way of doing that. So i went back through my phone and uploaded some images i think you might like, hope you enjoy x


I’m still trying to figure it out (how to keep the dogs at bay)

I love these two. I wanted to try a painting with black on orange as I just knew the colours would pop off of each other. The two dogs represent the little voices in my head, the whispers that turn into a shout or a bark, the vices shall we say, that turn into indulgent behaviours.

The breed of the Dobermann can be a dominant or fierce energy if not well socialised or trained correctly. But if you invest the time, they are loyal, devoted and an all round beautiful strong companion to have by your side.

So these two are the ones you know who will always be there, on the peripheral, quietly watching and waiting. I’m putting in the time for training and sober life is daily. So for now they aren’t centre stage, they are by my side, while sober me tries to figure out what ever it is I’m meant to be trying to figure out.


The beginning of this piece was in the January blog, i think there is probably a bit more play in him but i needed the wall space in the studio, so i got to this stage and rolled him up until another day.

Daily habits. I sit and chat with my paintings over Green Tea every morning and figure out what needs to happen when im ready to pick up the brushes.


this photo was taken to basically to show off my basket weaving skills. i'm aware my skill level is sketchy at best, but it was a super lovely day spent sat in the sun and bending willow branches into this basket. i felt a sense of accomplishment in this piece.

I love this girl. I keep getting her back out of storage, wanting to add a bunch of things to her, but then come to the conclusion i dont actually know what i want to add. So she goes back into storage. Maybe she is finished and i cant except i need to move on. There's probably a metaphor for life in there somewhere.



The one and only Sonja, making one of her many daily visits to the studio for some love and to see how it's all going.


Energy In Motion

Everything is magic, And everything is all good, Energy in motion brings the flower to bloom, Just as it should x

I had alot of fun making this commission painting. From designing and putting the concept together, to bringing it all to life. I love how the final piece worked out and how it all sits together. The way all the colours work with each other is my favourite part.


All About The Girl

sometimes there is more honesty in a 20minute painting or sketch than in one that took over 20hours, 2 days or 2 months to complete. an essence is lost when you keep working at something, for better or for worse, it’s just different is all. but sometimes I enjoy the rawness of something that isn’t ‘finished and perfect’

like the advice my friend Peter said that Picasso said, in the unfinished you leave it as a living being, instead of it being assassinated.

this is one of those paintings for me. it feels quick in it’s marks and expressions. the colours are doing all the work in suggesting shapes, and when the paint runs, this is where the magic for me lies, because you aren’t in control of where it goes, it’s alive x


lots of love from me and Sonja.

and like always if you are reading this i really appreciate your interest in my art, it means alot.

be kind to each other out there in radio land, it gets bumpy from time to time.


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