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This last month saw me move to a new house where i have set up my painting studio. In a little sleepy village in the centre of Portugal, where the sheep bells chime and the birds sing all day.

I listened to an interview recently with an artist that I admire, Anthony Lister. In it he explained how he stapled canvases straight to the wall, and kept layering them up as he would start another one on top. This was music to my ears.

Although i've done it for years, stretching canvases I’ve never enjoyed. I always found it changed the energy going into a new painting. After the effort of measuring, cutting, stretching, stapling, priming, etc, the blank canvas would almost feel sacred. I would feel slightly intimidated by it. I would have the thought that whatever i paint has to be really good to justify the work gone into setting it up.

Stapling straight to the wall is a game changer. If you have an idea for a piece you can be up and running in no time. Its energy is loose like a sketchbook, its fresh and friendly. And for storing and sending its brilliant.

You make the frames up later to size


The new painting studio is a dream, with flat walls and bright light. Rolling hills and live stock out the window. The house itself has so much character and makes for a beautiful stage to document my latest paintings in.

I love it x


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