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So here it is, the first blog of the new year, although i actually think the 'new year' starts 1st April (look up origins of April fools day) anyway i digress.

If you are reading this, I thank you greatly for the interest you have shown in my art to bring you here, or maybe you signed up to my mailing list somewhere along the line ? either way, thanks for being here.

I figure this will be a monthly thing, a place to show you what has been happening in the studio over the last month and other things, but i thought that about the last blog i wrote and that was in May of last year, so lets see how we go.

Below you will see some paintings I’m working on, some pictures I have posted before if you follow my work and some that i don't share on social media, I believe they call it exclusive content, haha

Ok… less words, more pretty pictures of art and my dog Sonja :)

This was not long after i got back to Portugal after being in the UK for Christmas at the start of the year. I've ran out of canvas and have begun painting on the backs of some pieces i didn't like so much, so when they go to their new homes someone might get two paintings for the price of one.

you can see the painting on the right is coming along nicely, i think i am gonna call him Big S and Lil R, and there is a Pheasant coming together which is a classic that i always have fun making and a couple of dogs i will tell you more about next month i think.


Me and Sonja enjoying weekend vibes lying in bed, sipping green tea and loving the morning light that floods in our room . Over the last 10years i've always just slept in my studio, one of the things i loved about this is i could lie in bed and talk to all my paintings. I would figure out mentally where i was going next with them, because so much about painting i've learned is in the waiting and watching, sitting quiet and letting them tell you what they wants. Anyways now i live in house and my studio is in a separate place than my bedroom, so i bring one piece at a time to 'chat' with.

This is a painting from a few years back, that i painted when i was living in Barcelona. The original sketch was drawn on a brown paper bag in crayon in a few seconds, and i just loved the energy of it so i replicated it on a large scale canvas. I love how minimal this one is, and in the evening light the colours pop something fiercely, it looks almost like neon lights, it's super cool.


few giant birds have shown up on the terrace lately and catching them vitamin Dees

In the mornings the birds all come sing to my terrace and have morning gossip over the bird table. At the time of writing this they have been feeding on my left over porridge filled with nuts and fruits. It's honestly one of the nicest feelings watching them do their thing, my heart flutters the same way it does when i watch Sonja drink water, don't know why but it just gets me.

mainly House Sparrows i think that are kicking about, but Robins aren't far away as are the Magpies.





I was artist of the month in the Central Connect magazine this month. Its a magazine based in central Portugal showcasing talents, events and happenings in the areas, it's pretty cool. and i only found out the issue had been printed when a worker in the local hardware store recognised me and showed me it. That was nice and i've had lovely feedback from it x.


This is the painting on the front cover of the magazine. He's looking for a new home, you can find him in the shop section of the website, he is called Lemon.



I love the house me and Sonja live in. It's based in a small little village in central Portugal called Meruge. It floods with natural light most of the day and the walls act as storage / became a gallery. Colours, animals and faces keep you company in the hallways x



I have been getting back into doing some portrait works again after years of only painting animals. When i first started painting all i would do was paint faces and then one night when my whole world changed again i went on a spree of rabbits and birds.

I have begun creating this little universe in my head where all the blue haired people live. I'm in love with a clean yellow and how the blue jumps off it. These two above I am still playing around with, but the story is they are lovers and she is sad because her man has just been bit and turned into a Vampire. Only time will tell where my head and the story goes next.


these are a few faces from back in my Barcelona days. i recently got them out of storage and i think thats what inspired me to start playing around with painted people again.




Me and Sonja would like to say thank you for showing an interest in my art, especially those who have bought an original painting or print and kept Sonja eating her special diabetic dog biscuits and a roof over both our heads, it truly means the world.

So as a way of showing our thanks we invite you to use the coupon code :


to receive 15% off any order in the online shop. It's valid up until the end of February.

love Reece and Sonja x


if you are interested in any of the paintings you have seen, please feel free to message me or check in the online shop.


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