This Is The Police



Life in Bishopsbead Constabulary is good... when you're a Superintendent and about to be promoted again. Grand Master of the Old Velvet Masonic Lodge and all set to retire on fictitious medical grounds, with a hefty pension, then head on home to Mother. Life in Bishopsbead is not so good if you're a non masonic bottom feeder. Grinding out a living in a clown suit and punting diesel pandas about on back shifts. Drink problems and a non p.c. sense of humour are also not considered assets. A mistake then to hire such Heathens for your new Surveillance Unit. Or to pen a port fuelled lament describing your lonely transvestism, and the current state of Mother, and mistakenly post it with the invites for your Ladies Night... to Jimmy Savile!


This Is The Police. A Farce in Three Parts.